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How Many Personal Loans Can You Have Open at One Time

You can apply for up to 2-3 loans with the same lender at one time if you can prove that you can make on time repayment for the loan for at least 1 year. The lender will keep track of people who consistently make on time payment so that they know who are eligible to apply for multiple loans at one time. You must fill in a new application to provide them with your most recent financial information such as salary and employment. If you apply at a local bank, you may have to see a loan officer. There are different loan officers for different levels of loan amount.

The lender wants to assess your ability to repay the loan by making sure that you are earning enough to cover up the loan expenses. They want to make sure that you are on the same job for 2 years. It can be hard to get approved for multiple loans if you constantly change job with each job lasting less than 2 months. Lenders also usually don’t approve the loan application if you don’t have any previous work experience.

You need to show the lender than you have a good payment history if you want to apply for multiple loans with different lenders at the same time. The lender will review your credit report which will tells whether you have been on time on repaying all your bills. The credit report also let them know how long you have been making steady on time repayment for your other loans. You have to tell the bank a good reason why you need the loan in the first place. The reason that you provide for applying the loan is very important so don’t simply come up with any reason.

It can reduce your chance of getting approved for the loan if the banks finds out that you are applying for too many loans currently. Some banks will consider giving approval to your loan if you can meet their strict conditions. For example, they will want you to consolidate all your loans so that the monthly payment is lower. You must keep in mind that multiple loan applications can have negative impact on your credit score.

Most banks only offer up to $25,000 – $30,000 for the personal loan. If you want to borrow more, you may want to consider putting some collateral. You can apply for additional secured personal loans by putting in pledge your asset such as house. The downside of secured personal loan is that your asset can be repossessed when you fail to make on time payment. If possible, you should try to apply for unsecured personal loans that do not need collateral but you must have good credit score to get approved for it.

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